San Francisco at Green Bay - December 5, 2010

Atlanta at Tampa Bay - December 5, 2010

Pittsburgh at Buffalo - November 28, 2010

New England at Detroit - November 25, 2010

Another Thanksgiving throwback game, as the Patriots and the Lions both wore classic uniforms, the Patriots again wearing their mid-1980's red unis and the Lions wearing the basic logo-less 1940s outfits.

Indianapolis at Philadelphia - Novmber 7, 2010

Minnesota at New England - October 31, 2010

Carolina at St. Louis - October 31, 2010

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo - October 3, 2010

Green Bay at Philadelphia - September 12, 2010

The Eagles opened the season by wearing the uniforms from their 1960 championship team.  They even put a period-accurate logo at midfield.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay - November 8, 2009

     The 0-8 Tampa Bay Bucs got their first win of the year over the Green Bay Packers in their creamsicle throwbacks uniforms that they wore from 1976 to 1996.  While in the past twelve years they had repeatedly said they would never wear those colors again, they brought them out of retirement to debut a new "Ring of Honor" at Raymond James Stadium and the first inductee, Lee Roy Selmon.

2009 AFL Throwbacks

For the 50th anniversary of the founding of the AFL, many games featuring former AFL teams wore 1960 throwbacks.  Below is listed as follows:  Bottom Row: September 14, 2009 - Oakland at San Diego and also Buffalo at New England.

Detroit at Philadelphia - September 23, 2007

The Philadelphia Eagles scored 56 points against the Detroit Eagles while wearing the uniforms of the Frankford Yellow Jackets.